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5 highest paying jobs in Singapore

The Singapore job market is in a state of flux, with some jobs phased out due to automation and new ones created. However, several jobs are unaffected by the churning; they continue to hold their own and earn their practitioners top dollar!

Here is our list of the five most remunerative jobs in Singapore:

Medical specialist

Approximate monthly income: S$ 23,000

Singapore’s status as an important healthcare hub leads to a constant demand for specialist doctors. The highly developed healthcare sector attracts medical tourists from across the globe. Junior school doctors typically need to undergo residency programmes before they can become specialists.

Advocates and solicitors

Approximate monthly income: S$18,000

Advocates argue cases in court while a solicitor’s duty also extends to offering legal advice to their clients and helping with formalities. With Singapore encouraging foreign companies to set up base, the legal sector continues to remain buoyant as corporations need advice on subjects like corporate law, banking and finance. Lawyers trained in England and Wales or Singapore are especially in demand.

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Approximate monthly income: S$17,000

As Singapore is a global business hotspot, it’s not surprising that CEOs of companies figure on this list. Only the best and brightest ever make it to this level. Most CEOs are typically MBAs who have worked their way up through various levels of corporate hierarchy with stellar performance and reliability.  

University lecturer

Approximate monthly income: S$ 13,000

Singapore looks after its university teachers well, which is why they figure among the top earners in the country. An aspiring university lecturer needs to have high academic qualifications apart from an outstanding academic record. Added perks include a good work-life balance, foreign travel and a chance to carry out individual studies and research. Singapore has some of the best academic institutions in the world and attracts the finest teaching talent.


Approximate monthly income: S$ 10,000

Brokers do well due to Singapore’s status as one of the world’s largest financial markets. The profession requires a profound knowledge of trade, business and economics. Given its status as a prime business center, skilled brokers are a prized commodity and make a handsome amount of money.

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The Economist Intelligence Unit states that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. A monthly income of around S$6,000 is considered ideal in Singapore. Anything less than that could leave you struggling to make ends meet. A higher salary, but naturally, will lead to greater disposable income and will enhance your quality of life. 


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Income data sourced from Ministry of Manpower’s occupational wage table