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#MyFirstJob - The expectations & challenges Fresh Graduates face while searching their First Job
Our new research uncovers the expectations and challenges for fresh graduates embarking on their first job search, as well as what employers are looking for from young talent across Southeast Asia.Download
#SheMakesItWork – A study on challenges women face at workplace
A new study by reveals some of the biggest challenges women face at the workplace, and why employers need to consider more family-friendly work arrangements for mothers. Download
The Graduate Handbook: How to search for, find, and land your first job
Congratulations on your graduation! If you’re feeling a little lost or not sure how to step into the world of work, Monster Singapore has you covered. Download our Graduate Handbook for step-by-step guidance for finding a job, landing that interview, and dressing for success. With a few wise words from Sanjay Modi, MD, - APAC & ME, our ebook is designed to get you on the right career path. Click at 'Download' button to access the ebook. Good luck!Download
The Recruitment Market in Singapore - An Overview: Based on the analysis of Monster Employment Index
Singapore is characterized by its modern and diversified economy. Well-renowned for being a highly open and free market, the economy is heavily dependent on trade. Its trade-to-Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio is the highest among other nations1 and prides itself for being the world’s fourth largest financial center. Consequently, Singapore has also been greatly attracting foreign investments in the past years. As per the latest World Bank report- Ease of Doing Business 2015, Singapore topped the list of 189 countries in terms of regulatory environment conducive to setting up of business by a local firm. Download